I gotta say Advanced Hash really steals thunder in Bitcoin investments... no I should say banking!

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It ain't no lie. I earned a total of 0.00731475 btc or 731,475 Satoshi by depositing into ahash.io, and growing!
I even made a video to reflect on the past 3 weeks investing in Advanced Hash:
See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTLOJzk27ts

Because of the video, I earned 0.02 BTC or 2,000,000 Satoshi just for recording a testimonial of more than 1 minute in length (see https://ahash.io/?a=cust&page=testimonials)

To test its validity, I managed to withdraw 0.00094925 BTC or 94,925 Satoshi into my wallet. After gaining the reward bonus 0.02 BTC, I immediately re-invested it alongside my Active Deposits, which now amount to 0.042 BTC or 4,200,000 Satoshi. That's literally 6,300 Satoshi every hour on the hour, making it 151,400 Satoshi per day!

Get your own account and benefit from this amazing service here: https://ahash.io/?ref=DJPates

Don't take my word for it! Sign up today! :D

Thanks for being real, Advanced Hash. Now I get to earn much quicker and exponentially more than my own cloud miner! And I didn't even have to pay a single dime!

See screenshots:

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