I hate My life

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With each day passing by, I am getting weaker and weaker of living life. I am so puzzled, I am never happy, nothing appears to be working out, I do not feel vital, and I feel useless and empty. Why should I continue when I have nothing to look forward to and later feel powerless like I have forever been for the past ten years indoors where no one cares about me or my feelings? Why make believe there are persons and a God who takes care about me when everyone show no interest in assisting and yet I still live a unhappy life with no clue of the existence of God's. I extremely doubt him, I believe like life itself is merely a delusion. I do not even make out why I am even alive. I am sick of forever feeling sad, for all time fighting and constantly ending up losing. I actually wish I was dead. I desire my pain to end. My state feels desperate, I have made too many mistakes, I ca not begin over again, my brain is wrecked, I do not feel like I am me, and my entire life has been a stretch out. I have no hope. I would be seated here confused every night but there is no point, latterly nothing's consummate, being in this situation there is actually not much I can do concerning it, as a minimum that is what it feels like. My entire life has been a living hell, nothing yet goes the way I want it to be. I am suffering with no a cause and I believe like I am living a life of narcissism. Why? What did I do to earn this? Why do I feel like am a laughing stock, and nothing ever appears like it is working? I feel like I am being tormented for someone's happiness. I am pretty sure everybody is making fun of me. I still adhere on to hope although. What class I do not know. I hate my life.

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