I Have a Bad Voice But I love Singing

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I have a secret, when it comes to singing I'm the worst. It's okay I know it myself. Hahaha. I am not gifted when it comes to singing that's why I really admire all the people that can sing. I do not blame God for having a bad voice that can't be use for singing, I'm still thankful to Him that I'm born with a voice that I can use to speak with people around me. I'm contented for what I have. So if you have a good voice and you're shy to sing in public, don't be. Motivate yourself, it's a gift, it's a blessing. Sing out the blessing that God had given you. People around you would love to hear you. Honestly I sing aloud with my friends even I don't have a good singing voice. And I'm happy and contented with that. Atleast someone still listen to your voice even how bad it can be. Hahaha!

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