I hope to have more transparency about Buzz Score

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I confess that I am utterly lost about the computation of Buzz Score now.


While I know that in general, the more you write, as in writing microblog and blog, and the more you upload your own pictures and videos, the higher the buzz score.


I am also aware that buzz given by readers to blogs that have 2 stars and above will be counted in the Buzz Score.


However, I am puzzled by the declining Buzz Score.


It seems that the Buzz Score of everyone drops unless you have a blog that is reviewed recently.


What accounts for the consistent drop in Buzz Score for the past three days?


I can understand about a one-off adjustment when the new rules are implemented. 


I just cannot understand why the Buzz Score keeps on dropping, and yet my rank keeps on increasing.


What really accounts for Buzz Score computation?


I hope that Bitlanders can be more transparent about it.


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