I met Slender Man!

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Its time for a story a very special story a story made just for you! A Josh Presuto story that he will tell you, based on kind of true events. But mixed up to entertain you, so sit back relax and let your eyes take a read this story might be funny share and comment as you please.


When I was younger… Well physical or relatively younger since I still look 14 and act 14 because I’m a young soul. I was on a walk into the woods and I saw a man. I walked up to him and said “Hello.” He looked at me right in the eye and didn’t say anything not even hi. So I felt very weird and a backed away made sure to keep eye contact all the way. Believe or not when I turned around he was there right in front of my eyes standing over me with his big read eyes. At this moment in my life I have never been so scared a man who is able to disappear and reaper. He said some words with those big read eyes staring into my soul. He said with a voice as deep as them come “Freedom is safe, but comes at a price.” He disappeared into the big black sky. The light came back when the sun returned and I now know what horror can be.



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