I Pray for Peace In Peshawar

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I was in Peshawar during this great tragedy. I was going out the back door of the UNHCR office on Tuesday—

for me it was just another day to try to find a solution to some problems my family members and I are facing.

But the sound of the police cars and ambulances disrupted the peace of the city. I said to myself that I

hated those sounds and wondered what accident had occurred. On the way home I saw terrified

people and from the great flurry of activity I understood that there was no peace in the city that day.

There were traffic problems in many areas as roads were closed. With much difficulty I arrived home.

When I watched the news I was shocked to learn of the criminal attack on innocent school children.

Oh my God, after viewing the bodies of those children, no one has been able to stop crying.

I wish for understanding for the families of the murdered children and am praying for peace in the world.

No mother should have to mourn her child.

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