I remember dad

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I remember dad

"Look I love sleeping concentrations, heart aches rather suddenly. When do I have unknowingly hurt. Many fathers have forgotten that every father like son, the thoughts are more immature.
It looks like you are very sad, because as far distance two more because we do not understand each other. Where's that know that, I'll still inside me, despite the while, I have to eat.
Because I love you that much, because I know what I love, but that's worried father, but his father could not say please. Sometimes you have to ask, why the strict father forever, rather that father as iron, so this morning I honesty.

Why when I stumble, hands grabbed her father? As for the father wants to see the future more firmly. Because I love you too, you know the little guy is not stupid, no matter how much I love you still ... "

Listen to this song, but the tears kept rolling down her cheeks, unable to hold back the dad. Memories of children went on. Yet the father was away briskly girl was over 12 years ago, right dad. That day I was one tiny little girl. Children do not understand what happened to your father at all. They say his father who was in bed, lying there, impassive, did not say anything to me despite all the crying and called me to both go limp. Why, Father, why he stole the heart to heaven my father away. People look at me, look mom, look at me with eyes of pity me, I hate that look, you do not need, just announced open your eyes look at me, answer me a word of it. So that's all there is despair. Dad was always by my side no more, no longer able to carry the capsules Nhong every afternoon on, no hair brush for children anymore, you can not buy candy for the good times again. Daddy love you so, but why not with me anymore ... Daddy you know what to do, mom and I will have to do.

In a new mom dad took 31 years, raising her two sisters one child to school. A child was 8 years old, one new child 2 years old. The date was difficult to think that the family did not know was how to pass again. Energetic mother's extraordinary. Other struggles visibly thinner motherhood, plus the pain of losing her husband dearest mother, if the mother changes might not be too big to overcome this shock. The date was really scary for me, I do not want to cower talk to anyone, she's innocent, carefree, or talk or laugh no longer be the same again.

Every time night falls again as fears surround me, I did not dare go out, because it seems the most solid support gave me the go, no one to protect anymore. The day that both neighbors are still without electricity, have to use batteries, empty lot on the oil lamps, the night was scary for me. Mom and Dad so much depression, but I still have his gong which proved tough, because you need two sisters mother more than ever. Your mother is not published miserable day little sister leave her son Mom has suffered much suffering, grandmother and mother to quit soon, now is ... love her father that the children are old enough to fully understand everything. Mother still endure the pain that a mother stop her ...


Five months went by themselves forever, so we also grew up in the care of the mother, life was hard. Grade 2 children had to do all the housework, cooking, washing dishes, baby sitter, cook vegetables and bran greed pigs, mothers are busy with farming, shifting cultivation. Because he's too small to occasionally help with garden mother. Class 3, I was familiar with all the work at home, even go bouncing beans, tomato bounce, bounce cashew orchard grass and picked up again. Someone not afraid to show off the mother and son hired for more money to cover life, a new girl in class 4, as tiny candy that wearing a half baskets came to pass people. I'm not afraid because it would encourage the child to the father right, dad and mom will give me strength to overcome all. But that day, the day of the child with a mere 15 thousand, working 8 hours in exchange for that money, so life has been forged from small children to appreciate the currency, because it is both sweat, tears to get it. Until now, the lesson was still helps me live better.

In May I never stopped, his family moved home, to where they are now all in, when he is in the 5th grade school most traumatic memories for the death of a father also reduce section. Sit away from home you know how to mark a relaxed announced to complete strangers. So every day the 5-kilometer bike ride to school. Despite the hardship still try to study well, regardless of the mother's and father's expectations. Every year the students also achieve well, only a small joy but also somewhat comforting sadness still heavy in the small house. Teachers also love them, sympathize with his family situation, many today because no one looks me that I must bring them to class as well, though very afraid with friends but do not know what to do. Master is happy to say that I learned not to worry, I'm home alone wise not affect where the whole class. In my heart grateful to see much but can not raise up, bitter salty tears on his lips, feeling increasingly frustrated that family circumstances. Dad does not know that every parent busy mom I was not going to be any where so sad that when she asked her mother how busy my dad go anywhere without meeting, I just stood on the table face down in sobs choking throat. I know not too unhappy, I do not blame dad, he just blame the stars to push their family circumstances irony. Why gentle, well calculated to be announced soon go as much evil out there who are still living happily. He really unfair heaven, Father, I do not understand ...

Since level 2, you have to be more aware, almost every night I cried. Looking up at the night sky, I just hope to catch more stars are announced, I'm looking at you smiling, so I know I was not alone like this. The bigger the love of mother and child as conflict, there are things you can not talk or confide in are her mother, just know in my heart keeps right, it feels really uncomfortable. Sometimes good girls do not have to think why I did not go according to published then, what this life is only further his misery. Son of disloyalty was not thinking about other people's feelings, but it is the emotions that I went through. Sitting alone in the cold night just wanted to have a child that shoulder lean on, a hand that grabbed me, hugged me warm at heart. But look around just a quiet night, cold and lonely fear surrounded me until this.

In Grade 9, after 7 years of holding father's resting under green grass, it is said to be dressed for the announcement. I do not understand how something is done. What I have seen way too much to bear children. Have witnessed her beloved father but never knew just a pile of bones under the dirt. Sprawl heart fears, pain, laments that the heart contractions. Just recently announced happily alive inside me now that this was down to only stars. People born from dust, then the dust will return to life on earth is only temporary, just life in eternity is forever new. I believe that my father is peace in heaven, far in loosening announced that always watch over every step I take, guidance, sorry for the wrong I did not, nuts steps, for the determination to overcome all the pending problems in this life.

Now the little girl's father was in 3 college students and Dad, the tough do the trick, I know not. Children also find themselves so happy mother and child. Mother still lives alone like that, faithful to his love for farming announce that we grow up. They say few people are as much his mother, his mother's great that you are raising two kids to school like this. She sacrificed everything for us, in the heart of the commercial and grateful mother very much. Do you also 9th grade then, is a healthy guy, good student, obedient. The bigger the more I like father, the son figure is very family dad. Daughter and I love my parents a lot, a lot ... if there is a life beyond his family would still be together okay dad.

Listen to the song that I'm jealous of the boy in the song Daddy. He was always there beside father, love him, worried about him, though his father did not say a word. As the father of the child can never say I love you again, to all voices, the laughter of my father not being heard anymore. Children crave someone tough on the not so well. The father was adamant that such boy to mature later, and published it in the ground forever, do not want to face the truth, the father also of a long iron ... hands can not grab my hand when I stumble ... forever ... But you know the truth, never changed: "no matter what the father has loved much." Thank you dad for giving me this life, I will cherish it, trying to be really good to deserve a father's son, I miss and love as long as I know ...

Highland wind days ... the night cold enveloped me Dad ...

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