I sing JAZZ

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Do you recognize me on the covers of your magazines and newspapers? Do you identify me, while watching TV or listening to the music? I am powerful and do exert a significant impact on you. I had five physical bodies, which later were consolidated into a single enormous one. Since then I've become stronger and smarter. 

I am the most culturally and linguistically diverse individual, who has been improving his communication skills for ages; and now I don't hesitate to share my thoughts in over eight hundred languages. Once declared, I never changed my political affiliations, being born as a democrat, an uber wealthy democrat. Opulence doesn't really spoil me. Well, maybe just a little bit. But being effluent enough, I am not significantly stingy to contribute financially in order to help others, those in need. I stock-still remain on “The crossroads of the world”, where nobody knows what a frugal lifestyle is. I am relatively wasteful, and, to be honest, I like chewing cash through. However, they say, I deserve it, working 24/7 every day.

I was born surrounded by people, who have been constantly sharing their secrets, wishes and dreams with me. Yet, completely alone; deep down inside I always feel lonely. My whole attention is dedicated to those, whom I don't belong to. I am surrounded by strangers, who don't understand me well. My soul is not much of an interest for them, but my fancy and glossy face! Their perception of me is solely based on their first look. Those, whom I truly belong to, never hurt my heart, never start their conversations with me. I hope, they exist though, and believe, they consider me as something sacred, something magnificent, seeing my true essence. My attention is thus directed to people, whose cameras blind me every now and then. And it makes me pray every day to three hundred of my gods, it makes me ask them to help me handle all this. 

A herd of yellow sheep-taxis have just converted to a stream of a mesmerizing golden river that is starting to flow down the American avenue. What's my authenticity? I have two plastic buckets instead of my bongos, my Asian eyes are blue, but my skin matches the night. Breath in, breath out of my sax. It replaced my nostrils; I know this for certain. Double step, double heartbeat, double BASS. I am reputed to evoke myriad moods... Yes, try to explore me even if it's almost impossible. I am beyond the borders of your fantasy, therefore you adore or hate me, my friend. No matter what you think, I will always call you "MY FRIEND", because I am based on love, I consist of your dreams. 

My ancestors called me “New Amsterdam”, however I prefer “The Big Apple”. Of course, you know me, because I am “The City That Never Sleeps”, the place that never hates. Constantly attracting humans, I represent a new race! I mixed up millions of sounds together, but created my own voice. My song is the result of musical intercourse. I sing JAZZ.

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