I think many will leave Bitlanders

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The implementation of new rules effectively kills off the motivation of those spammers and “buzzers”.


There is no way they can make 1 cent a day since buzz on microblogs and most content. 


The contents that are reviewed and awarded 2 stars and more will benefit from the number of buzz.


I think many of them do not have a single rated content.


That means they earn nothing from the buzz, and since they do not write, they will not earn from microblogs and blogs too.


If they copy videos and pictures and upload them, their accounts will be deleted.


I think many of them will leave Bitlanders.  If they cannot make 1 cent a day, there is no point for staying.


As of today, I make it to rank 99, and I make just 6 cents in a day!  If my earning is bad, those who are lower ranks than me will have even worse earnings.

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