I want to be an ASTRONAUT if given a chance

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This is an impossible dream for me. Since I was a child, I used to read a book about heavenly bodies what it is really looks like and what composed itself. When my Dad ave this book, I started to read the book even though at first it was not so interesting to me. But when the time went and went by, I began to get hooked by this through colored pictures and and they were all catchy in my eyes. I learned what constellation were, how the star born ^__^ and other un explainable mysteries happening outside the Earth. I was became my hobby until now. I used to tell myself that someday I would wanted to be an astronaut . I want to travel the whole universe and see those incredible things nearer and deeper in discovering them. Universe as  we all known is a vast space which will take us infinite time to study about them and of course would take millions of dollars to do it.



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