I was very pleased to see a satisfying BUZZ increase

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This morning when I logged into Bitlanders I was very pleased to see a satisfying BUZZ score increase had been deposited into my Bitlanders account.


Firstly, the emphasis is now on creating original, share worthy posts and not just sharing other users content. If you spend little time creating content you may see your Bitlanders earnings drop and you may want to rethink your Bitlanders strategy (if the money is important).

Secondly, if you have been busy building your network there is now a bigger emphasis on showing your Bitlanders friends that it is original and interesting content that builds bank. That is the beauty of this network- you have a vested interest in helping your downline be successful here and this change to the algo should encourage everyone to create "a place for authentic and genuine engagement".

Thirdly, on a bigger scale, this change could really help the growth of tsu and establish the platform as an awesome destination to consume fresh, exciting content and not just the same memes and viral posts we see all over other networks.

I personally feel this is the most important update to the network and I am excited to see how this filters through and effects the quality of content and engagement here in Bitlanders :)

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