I was willing to wear a wedding dress yet

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The years of awkward going through wild, youth are forced her to write the final play before the folded pages are about the same. I hurried back to find old friends to confide in, legs all the places you want to go you have never set foot in before, "quit the game" according to someone ... 

I was about to turn into a new life, but not a step alone but rather a person with a child already and would choose. Who "you" is the companion who had brought her true happiness? I was familiar with most answers correct. I told disadvantaged when choosing to be away from him for many things, with him to a new land, they would burst into tears because of homesickness. But are you sure he does not damage. There are girls that he lost when he was only just picked me while he's around a lot of people want to choose him.

A good man is not really the person does not make you cry, it must be the person sitting quietly beside each wipe tears and hold you in the heart. Because he was willing to give up their hours just to get my sad sadness. 

Kids find happiness among millions of strangers is not happy to be giving me that happiness was the grab, hold, so I just cherish it. Memories between two people is too much to be able to write a love story with all the fun, the shy first met, the sulky, and even greater pain, separation occurred. 

The years of love, I'll always be the presentation draws altogether stupid reasons to falsetto, to scold him. But he's the star. He has patience, kindness and caring has comforted me when I leave him in the midst of the rainy afternoon rush. Rain rips the sky, into the hearts of those he tormented ... Am still waiting for you between her rain.

One love, one vocative couple together but he did not, he just call me "my dear". I firmly blame him okay nickname like that. Girls game, there are words left unsaid is arbitrary. He'd call from the divine when they really would go with him to a lifetime. How can not you be the happiest girl or not? A lover and cherish you until the moment two people are the same. 


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