I wonder all-around

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Imagine generations of Afghan children enduing this brutal experience, being misplaced from everything familiar to their families, to their cultural heritage and the sense of identity as a people lost to them, imagine being nurtured in a space for over 30 plus years in search for their identity as misplaced children of Afghanistan, looking for a place they can belong, sadly failing with no hope for a home they can claim as their own.

Resembling A Nomad

I wonder all-around 
here and there
Roaming different valleys and distant knolls

Searching, witnessing, mystified in a reflective wander
prying for a rest place to identify my true expression.

Penetrating the hollow space within I ask, “where do I belong?”

I look into my expression in the clear river
In awe; I stop and hear her reply

In vain, I linger

Finally a voice reverberates

Alas, the sound of my own voice I do not distinguish.
And so I go on searching still
For a place I can call home

A space that I reckon with, a sense that I too belong

Forlornly I accept my faith

I am not a nomad!

I am a misplaced soul in search for my home.

The inquiry of “belonging” is a human condition that I personally see as one of the most complex inquiries to identify as every story is different. As a result I engraved this poem to help those who can resonate with this poem as an opportunity to empathize with those who have endured being forced to leave their homes, immigration from their native countries to alien realms.

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