I'am-You are

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“I am beautiful, no matter what they say.”


Yes, you are really beautiful.  You have to appreciate your existence. Your life, your style and your passion. Let yourself be the master of your every action. Don’t go with what they say, go with your desire. It will lead you to success and happiness.


Do you remember the old days? When you were a little stumpy kid who knows nothing except to cry when someone hurts you and smile when they gave you food. You were nothing but just a boundless energy. You are created with purpose and reason. If you will never give yourself worth, who will give it anyway? Are you willing to sacrifice your freedom and happiness? Are you one of those dumb souls who lost their fate and destiny? Never let yourself to be disgusted and ruined. God made you from his bare but powerful hands. When someone abused you, fight.  Show your strength. There’s a time wherein you have to be brave and strong.


You know your capabilities so you don’t have to worry. You don’t have to demand. All you have to do is to be contented and satisfied. Appreciating life is the easiest thing that you can do. Don’t be bothered by problems and uncertainties of this realm. Your story will always be yours. You are the protagonist and you can also be the antagonist. Be the writer and author of it. Create the best plot, the most exciting climax and the best ending. Your mind is your pen. Your brain is the ink. Hold the pen. Filled it with ink.

Let your name be the center of attraction and admiration. Discontentment will ruin you. Instead of feeding your insecurities, try to stay away from it.  Keep in mind that whatever life brings, the river will still flows and the ocean will still be blue.


From now on, you should think how to get the most of life. You should learn how to be contented and happy. The things around you is the things that you deserved. Just like a flower, you deserved to be poured with love and care. Same with affection and intimacy. Love your life because you ca never buy it. You can never replace it no matter what you do.


God gave you the most wonderful gift. Treasure it. Love it.

Look at the mirror and say “I’m so fortunate.”