iCarly, a theory about what happened to Freddie.

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We all know what happened to Carly and Sam after iCarly. Carly left Seattle to live with her had and travel the world with him on his navy ship. We also know what happened to Sam. Sam moved to LA and started Sam and Cat's Super Rockin' Fun-Time Babysitting service. But what happened to Freddie? Did he continue to live with his crazy mom? Did he move out for real this time? We could ask questions until we're blue in the face, but what we want are answers.

So what happened to Freddie after Carly left Seattle to live with her dad and Sam moved to LA to help Cat Valentine start a babysitting service? Well he fell into a crippling depression. The 2 girls he ever had feeling for left his life to live hundreds, maybe thousands, of miles away. Not only that, his entire life has been the iCarly web show. What was he going to do, make a web series with Gibby? Well Gibby convinced him to do a show, but it just wasn't the same.

He tried putting on a "tough guy" front, but he soon found things were much more "profitable" when he told women his sob story. It started small, girls would buy him a smoothy at the Groovy Smoothie, sometimes even whatever food T-Bo put on a stick. However, as time went on, Freddie got older, his tastes got more expensive, and it got harder and harder to get free stuff for losing his high school loves and after school activity. He took to making up sob stories in order to get what he wanted. He found out that if he mentioned "needing money for his sick grandmother's medical treatment," he could get a lot more. He eventually became notorious for his swindling and was given the name "The Jackal." After swindling many American women, he decided to try his hand over in Europe. When in Europe, he met Lawrence Jamieson and they team up to swindle French women.

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