ICC Cheater

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Today if elliot can be out by lbw.......why didnt raina be out with same condition?
Taylor to Elliott, OUT, he has moved too far across to try to slog this into the leg side. He misses, draws an lbw appeal, and he has been given out lbw. They have a discussion, and then review the call. He is hit on the back leg. There is no inside edge involved here. Full, angling in, the impact is line, and he is gone. It is a tactical review gambling on the impact, but it has hit him inside the line
Mashrafe Mortaza to Raina, no run, gets far too across as Mashrafe goes up straightaway for the appeal. The umpire doesn't appear interested though, with Raina running the leg bye, but Mashrafe is adamant he has got his man. Time for a review. No bat involved when this struck the pad. Ball tracking shows this one pitching outside of leg, but only just. Looks like just over half the ball had strayed that margin. Close shout from Bangladesh. Really was so close there. Almost 51% there

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