Ice Castle Cold Treats

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Summertime is coming up and whenever we talk about summer that means we are into the exposure of the sun and what we would like to have would be anything cold and sweet! And here in Cebu, we have this resto which offers good set of sweets!

My ex-boyfriend and I had a great treat there one time and it was good to have a camera with us because we were able to take photos of what we had ordered. Here's what he got:

And this is mine:

Oh my fangs were really delighted with the taste of the halo halo treat! I bet everyone of us would like to splurge our mouths in this yummylicious snack! And of course our taste buds had somehow made their own version of cart wheels while we put in spoonful servings!

Yes we love coming here. We love eating halo halo. We love the cold treats. We simply love summer!


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