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Any creative process you are passionate about demands a lot of sacrifice. You can often find yourself sacrificing a social life, time and money in order to create the art you are so passionate about. With such sacrifices, it is easy for doubt to seep in.

I am currently in the process of making a short film in which I have dedicated a lot of my own time into. Throughout the process I often have self doubt. I find myself asking "What if this film turns out bad after having devoted all of this time, money and attention to it". A few years ago, this self doubt was so discouraging that I wouldn't even begin making a film. So what has changed since then and how do I deal with self doubt.

First thing I'd like to say is self doubt is normal. It is something you can never really get rid of, you just have to learn to progress with it. A good tip I often use and think about is switching my focus. Wallowing in self doubt and negative thoughts isn't going to help you to become a better filmmaker/artist/musician and as such, doesn't deserve your focus. Switch your focus to making positive forward steps that lead you towards becoming a better artist. In my case, I will combat a negative thought with action towards making my film. This could be something as small as doing a test animation or drawing two storyboard shots. These positive steps not only help occupy my mind, but they bring me a step closer to being a better filmmaker every day.

The more you get used to switching your focus towards doing something positive and productive, the less time you will spend walking down the road of self doubt and more time walking on the road to becoming a better artist. 

In summary, I believe this quote sums things up perfectly -


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