Idioms 5

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And in this blog, we are continuing the series of the idioms and its importance in our daily life, here are some idioms that should be taken in our consideration for knowing and understanding the meaning of what people want to express.

  • Charity begins at home: one should look after his family first
  • Different as chalk from cheese: extremely different
  • Have a finger in the pie: nosy
  • Swim against the current: go against what most people think
  • It costs leg and arm: very expensive
  • Pay pretty penny: pay a lot
  • From hand to mouth: very poor
  • To be in boiling water: to be in a trouble
  • A ray of hope: some hope
  • It never rains but pours: problrms dash back- to- back
  • Feel like jelly: feel very weak.


Written by Mohammed Hussein

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