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Competition browser Chrome and Internet Explorer (IE) increasingly fierce. The reason is based on each of two data research firm, has been named the second browser is the most popular browser in the world.

Page Softpedia, Wednesday (09/03/2014) launch, these two research firm Net Applications and StatCounter are. Both the period of data released in August 2014.

Version Net Applications, IE is used by about 58 per cent of desktop computers in the world. While Chrome is in second place with a market share of 19.61 percent. As Firefox has a percentage of 15.23 percent and Safari 5.32 percent.

In detail, IE 8 lead with 21.40 percent market share, followed by 17.54 per cent of IE 11. After that there was Chrome 36 with 11.05 percent, followed by Firefox 10.51 percent.

Three versions of IE, namely 9.0, 10.0, and 6.0, each hold 9.24 percent, 6.18 percent, and 3.33 percent of the computer world. The rest is owned by a variety of other browser with the percentage of 20.75 percent.

Furthermore, based on data from StatCounter, Chrome had a 46.26 percent market share, up from 45.24 per cent compared to the previous month.

IE is in second place with 20.31 percent market share, followed by Firefox with 17.5 percent, 10.81 percent and Safari. The next position is occupied Opera is used by 1.47 percent of computers in the world. The rest is controlled by various other browsers.

Based version to, first choice fell on the browser Chrome 36 with 34.8 percent market share, followed by Firefox with 13.12 percent 31 and IE 11 to 9.1 percent. While Safari for iPad in fourth place with 6.38 percent market share.

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