If You cannot convince them,confuse them.

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.                                                 This awesome statement was given by President Harry Truman.I don't know why he gave this statement?What was his motto behind this statement.in which context he has given this statement?But i know just one thing that when i read this statement ,it attracts me .I found some commic elements in this statement.If you cannot convince them ,confuse them.Automatically they will surely agree with you.                                                         I will give you a very simple example.If you want to start a business,but you are financially very strong and you want that other people may also invest with you.First of all you should make lay out of whole business scheme and then present infront of whole community in such a way that all people agree with your views.you should add fictious stories .You should make your presentation best by adding thrill in it.In this way people will get confused and in confusion ,man thinks again and again and finally take a decision.And there are equal chances that decision might be in favour of you.                                                                                                In the present era ,all the people are practicing this statement .For instance an advertising company prepares a product.Then they advertised on television or any other media,with the added thrill of images representing something real,to help you believe it-----------------------and believe it you do.Automatically they confuse you and make you compiled to take their product.Believing something does not make it real.                                           Baudrillard declared" Reality dead 20 years ago.He said that the line between fact and fiction no longer exists.Ocassionally something real happens but the majority of people who do not personally experience just believe from listening others.The examples which i have illustrated ,do not take them seriously because it is just for fun.Try to convince others by your solid reasons.  

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