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If you go to the army, he promised that his firm rear, boys!


If you go to the army, he is proud to be okay! There have been times I told you that I go to school, graduate, go to work is ultimately only serve their own interests rather not help the Country. When the results of the enlistment sheet of paper is the National Organization awarded him the sacred mission was dedicated to the nation, so let's proud Mine! With fiery youth youth with the knowledge he had sat for twelve years in school and four years of university, I believe he has enough enthusiasm fueled the fire of the young generation. Wearing a backpack on his shoulders, wears blue shirt of the team notes, that's when he performed the sacred duty construction and protection of the young Country Vietnam. Bring your youth dedication to the people and bring their own capacity to serve the country and above all bringing love homeland refresh Leopard build extra gold star red flag, that should put a smile proud day enlistment, Mine!

If you go to the army, do not be afraid to gently dry my guy! He had told me that, me, you, and how our peers so happy to be born when the bombs were back on the past fifteen years, grew up in peacetime have rice to eat, with clothes to wear, had the chance to go to school. As a young man had graduated from college and have stable jobs, are accustomed to living freely and fully, so the first day of the two-year military service will shrivel slightly difficult it's you! The strict rules about the timing of the military environment will make you feel cramped, but do not worry because there are "big school" style helped him practice, standards and it is really necessary to with him in the way later.

If you go to the team means that he will have to give up the pleasures and pastimes to relieve stress, such as gaming, chat, facebook, Zalo ... Instead the practice sessions, living in military contingent, as the improving labor vegetable meal. He should be glad about that because I will learn lots of things, would set are diligent, industrious. Environment army eating, sleeping, working the first few days will make him feel uncomfortable. Do not worry coz it's a good opportunity for him to learn good qualities from everyone, will help me more confident and sociable guy there, sir!

If you go to the army, he was no longer in the hands of the books, manuscripts and documents but instead work to carry a gun on his shoulder, holding his hand to hoe. But do not be afraid to gently dry him! Think about his youth or girl paving the way for the two wars of ethnic period, their bones still in authoritarian states where the sacred forest itself do to the country to live up to sacrifice of so many men before they should do with all his enthusiasm okay!

If you mean the army his career going back to the starting point after two years in the military. But the guy well, do not worry okay! With the available knowledge and the useful lessons I gained from the environment of the site will be army strong so he can start over again steadily. You can learn and work life, but military service is a unique opportunity for you to show civic responsibility to the people of Vietnam, learn to love the fatherland and strive for the cause of the nation. So please bear backpack on and go, a okay!

If you go to the team, be confident behind him there and I love our boys ah! You know, geographical distance and time are dose accidentally blurred the love. Two years is a long time if you do not close together, but it was a big challenge for incipient love of ours. Love is a smoldering fire, if lack of care, nurture and share it faded quickly but you will embrace it with love and wait. Two years love away, you will have to go to bed early instead of him holding hands walking on sand waves night despite accidentally pulled the leg. Two years away from love, when your sad I cry a whirring instead of him as a boy pinching cheeks all children to make funny faces to make you happy. Love away, you will pity cried loudly every time you crave ice cream, but there was no food for fussy demands for it despite his squint that says, "I'll eat ice cream cold with sore throat that." Expect far, you have to take care of myself during the day instead of reminding him about eating. The two years he went, the sea is full of waves and wind abundance as ever only just missing his voice. And I would love remote means alone, without him, missing both love ... There are beautiful love the strange war with decades of what awaited daughter, a wife looking forward thus reunited the two years that you're about to face is how can you? He is also the time of day you are about to leave university, you probably have a lot more mature, no longer a little girl throughout the day as you have to worry. At that time, your "dating" again from scratch Mine!

If you go to the army, he promised that his firm rear, à boys!

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