If you want to marry a Pakistani man then….

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Every girl has a dream of her prince charming. And mostly they says to each other “you will see one day my raja (prince charming) will come on horse and will take me away.  Ohh but be aware because with prince charming especially when it is from Pakistan there come a lot of other things in package. If you are going to marry a Pakistani man then you have to first face his AMMA JAN (his mother) . She is like the queen of house and every time you have to make her happy otherwise you don’t have any place in his son’s house. Her duty is to sweetly criticize you in front of everyone and taunting you. She loves your miseries and will leave no opportunity to taunt you.


After the monster in law... sorry means mother in law there comes her son well your prince charming. He will give you the full list of his needs and wishes and you have to fulfill everything. Remember you have to comprise with everything he will not and if you will show a sad face or have any wrinkle on it, he will become upset and at the end may be he will divorce you  probably by just only one text like “ I divorce you”

if you have seen a eligible bachelor and you want to impress him you don’t have to impress him by wearing  awesome clothes or by putting a lot of makeup on your face; he will just give you the list about what he need like TV , refrigerator, car, AC etc bring that dowry and he will accept you. Marrying a Pakistani boy is like not just marrying him it’s like you are marrying his whole family you have to live in a small house with his brothers and their families   along with mother in law. He will never leave her mother to live with you alone after all she’s her mother ….  Still if you are really going to marry a Pakistani man just feel yourself as a puppet you will not eat until e permits you, you can never speak nor you can sleep without his permission, in fact just breath with his permission and you will have an awesome life ( well not according to me ) :P :D 



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