If You've Ever Thought To Commit Suicide

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To start with, i'll jump to the conclusions first. Suicide is Cowardice, it's hopelessness, selfishness and a proof of self-centered attitude. You guys need to know, we ain't any product of monkeys evolved, I CAN PROVE THAT BUT SOME OTHER TIME. So back to my pint, we ain't any random specie we were CREATED FOR GOOD REASONS. WE WERE GIVEN SOMETHING MORE THAN OTHERS, we were given logic, understanding, feelings, languages, cultures and other good things that make us different from any other of the creations. To summon up, we were given priority not so we could take those pills or cut our nerves or starve to death.

The purpose of our life can never be getting married to that one particular human being, or going to that particular college, it must be something big and more about general idea of survival. Human killing other humans, human killing themselves this is the worst state any specie (irrespective of it's current population) should be in. There's something wrong with you guys so grow up, build your gut have some courage and face it.

There are people in worse situation than you are in.

You lost your love, There are people who lost families.

You lost job, There are people who never had one while they needed it more than you.

He/she left you, well you trying to do the same with your family, and like forever.

How can we ever be so self-centered that if things don't go our way, we quit, it's like tell you MAKER, your GO, your ALLAH that this gift He gave you, this life and everything in it.....you just don't need it, it's like telling Him what to do (na'uz o B'Allah).

Trust me he knows, He knew you could do it :)

What ever problem you have in life, was meant to be there for you, and you were FASHIONED to handle it. You were created for bigger reasons, for make a difference, for not giving up on yourself.

You are supposed to give and deliver good in this world.

If you're that sensitive, why dying for yourself when you can live for others? Because if you're destined to live, you will. No matter what you do, if it's not in your hands anyways than grab what is in your hand and use it for good.

Show some humanity, and above all show that you're FAITHFUL to your maker. Life is a gift, and there's no getting it back once it's gone. Think before you try to make an attempt to return it.

Keep smiling, Stay living and blessed. Good Luck :)

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