Ill Father Walks his Young Daughter Down the Aisle

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I am getting married in less than a month and a half now and as you get closer and closer to such an event, you realize the most important things in your life and how much they truly mean to you.

When I ran across this video of Josie Zetz, 11 years old, being walked down the aisle by her dad, Jim Zetz in a backyard wedding, it was heartbreaking and so touching. Jim Zetz has stage IV pancreatic cancer and he may not be there to walk his daughter down the aisle and so they got Josie a white wedding dress and had a ceremony for her to remember.

With friends and family gathered in the backyard and Josie in a beautiful white wedding dress, her father placed a ring on her finger. According to the Press-Enterprise, the pastor of the ceremony, Gary Gilbraith said to Josie during the ceremony “Your dad may not get to see you get married, but he is here to walk you down the aisle today. The daddy-daughter relationship is one of the most special relationships in life.”

Please watch the movie made by friend and “wedding coordinator” Lindsey Natzic Villatoro of here:

According to the post associated with the video Josie said the morning after the ceremony that “It was the BEST day of her life.”

I treasure my relationship with my father and will hold this video in the back of my mind when I walk down the aisle. I wish all the best for the Zetz family and wanted to say, this will most likely stick with Josie for all of her life and be the best memory of her father on her future wedding day.

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