I'm Back!

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Hi Everyone.

It's been so long that most of you probably forget who I am. My name is John Tancredi and I'm a college student, film/tv buff, nerd, YouTuber, and shrek lookalike. I used to blog like crazy on Film Annex and around the time that they changed to BitLanders is when I got a summer job that took up virtually all of my time. That's why I was pretty absent on here. Now I"m back at college and in the groove of things so from now on you can expect the blog posts to resume. Stay tuned to my blog for anything and everything geeky and/or pointless to make you forget about your crummy lives for just a minute.



PS: here is a picture of a goose because reasons.

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John Tancredi is a comedian, filmmaker, writer, YouTuber, and student living in Boston Massachusetts. Favorite genres of media include comedy and science fiction. He also enjoys playing video games, especially RPGs.

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