I’m jobless!

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I’m not only, my friends, and all Afghan’s youth are jobless. Why are we jobless? Why we can’t find our favorite jobs? What are the main causes of this problem? How to solve and find solution for? Are the questions that I’m looking for answers in my article.


Afghanistan, one of the youngest countries in the world in which around half of the country’s population is young. Afghanistan's three decades of civil wars has not only resulted in hunger and poverty but also, as the consequent the country remained as one of the least developed country in the world. The protracted conflict destroyed the existing social, economic and political infrastructure in the country. Now the result looks on eyes that cut one of Afghanistan’s hands, the hand calls Afghan Youth.

As I said on the first line, we make half of population, so if a part of machine work and half of it that makes the next part can’t work, does the machine produce things? Properly not because apart needs the next. Then how to make Afghanistan? How to develop ourselves? How to annihilate these social, economical, political, cultural and security problems? How…? Are the questions that the answer is a word calls Youth, Youth and Youth, just youth would be the solution of problems.

We are jobless because the government and private sectors have no attention on us. We are jobless because we don’t know anyone on the workplaces. We are jobless because we don’t have money to buy the job. We are jobless because aged got our places. We are jobless because vacancies are full. We are jobless because we don’t have work experiences, and last we are jobless because we are not talent.

Each Afghan youth who want to work will face with above choices; they don’t have the next choice except of least persons. Work experience is important and comes from work, but if we don’t work how to be experienced. It is the main point that owners of workplaces must attend. Don’t forget that everyone one has talent on his favorite section, so provide a workplace that he is in love with and let him to work with his choice.

The main cause of Afghan youth unemployment is the weak of government, especially the Ministry of Work and Social Affairs that paves workplaces for people. Youth as active member of society have significant role in development of the country, but unfortunately this governmental sector has not much attempt on this section.

Beside, most Afghan youth unemployed miss their golden time in disadvantages, even they will addict with narcotics too. This is on the time that Afghanistan Human Rights Commission has announced that more than nine million of Afghans leave under poverty line and no one must miss a second to struggle with poverty. Other than, if this situation goes to future all Afghans soon will be under poverty line. In addition, youth unemployment brings security problems too, they cut all hopes from government and will attempt to join oppositions or join crimes.

The solution for this serious crisis are providing workplaces for youth, Placement of youth instead of olds, removing of corruption and nationalism, placement of eligible youth than chief son and let  him to get experiences.

Placement of youth on workplaces for the country, is as necessary as a man needs for legs to walk. Thus, the government and private sectors must provide work places for capable youths, olds rest and youth wake!  

By: Muhammad Elias Hatimi

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