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It was last January when I joined a competition. Actually, they just forced me to join since I'm really not into those kind of competitions. Shy type. Lol. The competition was entitled "IECEP Pixie 2014". IECEP being the name of our organization-ECE students and Pixie given that the contestants all lack in height. Hahaha

I didn't know that while I'm in the ramp, one of my classmates took a video of me. I just saw it uploaded on facebook the day after the competition. Watching myself take over the stage makes me blush until now. Especially hearing my classmates shout for me. Priceless! Hihi

If you haven't watched it yet, I suggest you go watch it first so you could relate later on. Here's the link

The one who took the video said that he was actually jumping the moment I entered which explains why it is like that in the beginning. As you watch further, you can hear my boyfriend shout "girlfriend ko yan!" which made me blush even more! Hahaha Kilig level 999

As I leave the stage, I was surprised that when I turned back, I bumped into the next contestant. I was on the right track 'cause that's what we practiced. I just found out later on in the backstage that "She"(the one who bumped me) wasn't supposed to be the one taking the stage after me. Excited lang siya. It's not yet her turn. In short, may inunahan siyang iba. Wahaha 

Anyhow, she won the competition(she's 5thyr by then) while I'm still in 4th year that time. I remember I let her borrow my extra cycling because she didn't bring one for herself and her gown was soooo! Uhm. can't sum it up into words. Haha To make the story short, without my cycling, her undies will show up. Lol

In the end, I won two awards including the Photogenic award. I forgot the other one. :) Still, that sounds like triumph for me because of my friends, classmates and most especially my boyfriend's love and support. ♡♡♡

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