Impacts of human robots for the current and future generations

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         Human robots have their own positive and negative impacts towards the current community.The main positive impact of  human robot  is that it can help in various social,economical and industrial interactions of human beings.For instance,during fire incidents,these robots act as life savior by taking out people from the burning fire.In addition to this ,human robots can play a great role in sustaining friendly environment by collecting used materials and removes into recycling machine.

Whatever powerful the technology is,there are some negative impacts of these robots towards the current annd the future trends of the community.Nowadays,the idea of using these robots in military areas is implemented in action which results opposition in the society.Many scholars believe that the current highly industrialized countries have their own plans in using these robots in military air force systems by taking the seat of human military pilots and soldiers in times of nuclear weapon manufacturing processes.In the future consecutive decades,it is expected that the highly advancement of human robots not only works in military areas but also in factories as a replacement of skilled human power.This may result for the high rate of unemployment and jobless citizens.

Generally,the general influence of human robots plays a vital role in changing and shaping the current environment  in one or more parameters with respect to the life condition of the society.


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