Impacts of Social Media Marketing In Afghanistan

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As I am working as social media leader in Afghan Citadel Software Company (ACSC), I had a survey about the impacts of social media marketing in Afghanistan in 2012

 Actually Social media and social media marketing in a new, novel and modern phenomenon in the current world and    there is not an agreed definition on the basis yet. In the developed countries, there are still some doubts if the social media can be better utilized for the marketing and advertisement means. The good thing about the developed countries is the already available social media platforms and means. In Afghanistan the social media means and platforms are quite limited to some group of people and not the majority of the people have access to the computer and the internet. Mostly, the ones who work at the UN offices, international NGOs and some government offices have access to the internet. Also, some people have the internet availability at their homes. Actually, with the availability of 3G internet for the smart phone and portable 3G modems provided by the phone companies lately, this trend has quite seen a change and impact on the number of people who have access to the internet.

As the internet and its availability is very young in Afghanistan, not all the users have good knowledge of the social media. The use of social media in Afghanistan is not as broad as it is in other countries. When I discussed the issue with some friends, classmates and colleagues, the social media has still days to go till it fit in the society and that it be used to a higher extent. 

Overall, due to the above mentioned limitations, it is very hard to make an assessment of the social media impact on marketing. I can say  that when the social media marketing usage gets widespread, research and survey should be made on the effect of the social media on the marketing.

As the usage and the knowledge of the internet are increasing in a quite fast and rapid pace, there is much opportunities and chances for utilizing social media in the near future.

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