Importance and uses of public libraries in the society

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Today i will talk about the libraries of the colleges and cities. Public libraries play a very important part in promoting the progress of knowledge. They bring with in our reach value able books which we could not afford to purchase for our self.

They are particularly useful for poor students, was education would be hampered with almost insuperable difficulties. If they were confined to search book as they could buy for themselves or borrow from private individuals. Even those who are better off cannot afford to buy all the books as they required for their students.

For instance,  such a work as a Enclopedia Britannica is an invaluable book of reference ,yet how few can afford the expensive of adding to it there private store of books. there are many other search compilation to which scholars have constantly to refer large, dictionary is of the English language, biography dictionaries, classical dictionary, dictionary of antiquities, dictionary of biological graph which are scarcely to be found anywhere else but in the great public libraries, and are therefore open to poor and rich alike.


In addition of book of general referenc

e reference, student in every branch of study have often to consult expensive books that are beyond the reach of their limited means. In such cases they trust to the public library to supplement the deficiencies of their own bookshelves which only contain free textbooks.

A well managed library, besides supply many valuable books not to the got elsewhere , is very conducive to educational progress in other ways. At his own on home a student may be liable to  continual interruption and distractions which break the thread of his ideas and make it difficult for him to concentrate his attention on his books.

In a library he finds himself in a large apartment where silence region, and from which the noises and worries are of the outer world are carefully excluded.

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