importance and value of food for better growth of humans

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Food is the need of human beings. Air, water and food are three basic things that are necessary for human life. Balanced diet of food is given to a man which keep fit and free from diseases.

Some important things that must be present in the balanced diet which are water, mineral, salt, carbohydrates fats proteins and vitamins. These are things which are present in our daily life like vegetables, fruit, milk. Food is very essential for spending the healthy life.

Food is needed to produce growth and to repair the body tissues and organs. It also needs to produce energy and heat. The minerals, carbohydrates, fats, protein and vitamins give so many advantages to a body without all these things the human body do not survive . Proteins repair tissues that build up the body.

Fats produce heat and energy that warm the body for the proper function. But in this age, the things that are included in a balance Fertilizers diet will not be pure. The spray of dangerous pesticides, use of impure fertilizers cause so many diseases because when those dangerous material will be used in the production of crops, vegetables and fruits and they will inter in the body through food to cause diseases.

The polluted water also cause so many diseases like Diarrhoea, vomiting, constipation. So for the healthy life eat fresh vegetables fruits and drink fresh and clean water. Always use boiled water for drinking and wash carefully the vegetables.

Balanced diet is very important part of our life, if one of its component will missing and efficiency will occur in our body. Due to this deficiency the human body do not work properly. Daily use of milk, rice, meat, fruits, green vegetables, sweet, butters are very important for healthy life.

All these things combine to form a balanced diet which makes the body strong and healthy otherwise those people who do not get property diet will always care less, lazy and ill and do not preform their duties properly.

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