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Ammonia is the compound of nitrogen. In laboratory it is prepared by the action of the strong bases. When ammonium chloride react with sodium hydroxide to form ammonium hydroxide. By the decomposition of ammonium hydroxide two products ammonia and water is formed.

In industries ammonia is prepared by Haber's process in which nitrogen react with oxygen at a very high temperature of 500 degree centigrade as a result the formation of ammonia take place. The physical properties of ammonia are that, it is colorless gas and there smell is very irrigated.

It is highly toxic in nature and the boiling point of ammonia is -33 degree centigrade and it is liquefied by compression.The chemical properties of ammonia are that it react with different compounds to form different products. When ammonia react with water with to form ammonium hydroxide but when it reacts with hydrogen chloride to form ammonia chloride.

Ammonia react with oxygen to form nitro oxide and water. when it reacts with acid like sulfuric acid to form ammonium salt.Ammonia is used for the preparation of fertilizers. It is used for the preparation of nitric acid. ammonia is used for the formation of different organic products.

Ammonia gas is poisonous in nature. when it is inhaled in a large amount as a result the death will cause so that it is used very carefully and always result in the form of liquid ammonia.

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