Importance of education in Islam

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Education is the right of every Muslim, and it is made necessary for every person in Islam. Special emphasis is made on getting education for every Muslim. This education includes both Islamic and technical education conforming to the needs of modern life.

The concept of education in Islam is not only getting decent earnings but practicing it in real life for the betterment of the others. It was as a result of application of knowledge that Muslims were the superpower of the world for twelve centuries.

The base of Islamic education is Qur’an. Quran provides complete way of life to the Muslims and following the teachings of Quran is the real way of eternal success. In the twentieth century, due to colonialism and Western influence, Muslim parents concentrated on imparting only Secular education to their children. The children who were not fond of learning were sent to the Islamic School or Islamic Madrasas. Due to which Muslims kept on getting weaker day by day.

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