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Fertilizers are that type of inorganic materials which are very important for the growth of plants and crops in agriculture field. Fertilizers are basically that compound which help for the plants to grow .

That soil in which special type of nutrients that are essential for plants were present in a small amount. As a result deficiency will occurs then the plants do not grow properly due to this deficiency the different type of fertilizers are used to give the proper nutrition for the plants.

Fertilizers play a very important role for increase the crops in agriculture. Fertilizers are the mixture of some important components that are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Fertilizers are also used for increasing the rate of fruits.

Fertilizers provide all the special type of nutrients to the soil that helped not only the growth of plants but also help in the metabolic processes in the plant cells .There are so many types of fertilizers that are direct fertilizers, indirect fertilizer complete fertilizers, incomplete fertilizers, mixed fertilizers and micro fertilizers  fertilizers exist both in natural and artificial farm.

There are two types of natural fertilizers that are natural organic fertilizers and natural inorganic fertilizers and also two types of artificial fertilizers that are artificial organic fertilizers and artificial inorganic fertilizers. In some countries special type of fertilizers were prepared that are known as nitrogenous fertilizers


The most important nitrogenous fertilizers that are prepared in industries are, urea, ammonia, ammonium nitrate, ammonium chloride and ammonium sulphate.

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