Importance of forest in our life and its uses

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Forest play a very important role not only the betterment of economy but also the wealth of a country.Due to forest the whole world see very beautiful,green and charming effect.

In Pakistan,it is very necessary to prevent the forest because in Pakistan millions trees are cutting in a year.And this rate is increasing day by day.

The leaves of plants and trees are absorb the moisture and the rate of rain depend on the forests.Those country which have large number of forest,the rate of raining is large as compare to that country which have less forest.Due to forest we can prevent our grounds from floods because roots of this trees are present in the soil.

Forest also enhance the beauty of the country and gives a smooth and greenish look to the eyes.Due to the forest the environment are clean and fresh and cool air flow everywhere.Forest is also a source of wealth of a country and by this wood we made very useful things and also use it as a fuel.

In the forest different type of roots are grow that we use to prepare the medicines  for the treatment of dangerous diseases.By the forest we can also get food that we eat in daily life.So we should protect the forest because it is very important for our life.

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