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graphite is the allotropic form of carbon and is known as black is found in many countries like united states,Italy,Siberia and in Pakistan some low quality exist in northern areas.graphite is present in naturally but it is also prepared artificially in some countries that are Acheson Work .

the physical properties of graphite are that they are soft in nature due to weak force of attraction is present between gives soapy touch and the density is 2.2 gram per centimeter cube.graphite is good conductor of heat and electricity means they allow the electric current to pass through them.graphite is used in the manufacturing of lead pencil and crucibles.

it is also used in electroplating and making electrodes. graphite is used as a lubricant in heavy machinery.the structure of graphite is that each carbon atom is bonded with three carbon atoms and covalent bonding exist between them.graphite have a great importance because without this manufacturing of batteries can not possible.

graphite mostly exist in black color.its melting point is low even in summer season when the temperature is at 35-40 degree will melt out.graphite is used in formation of different products in industries.the most common use of graphite is that it is used cells

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