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Communication means the ways of sending information and message from one place to other place. Transportation means ways of sending goods and travelling people from one place to another. There are many ways of communication, like Radio, TV, Internet, Newspaper, Banners and Posters etc. Now a day it is very easy to send information to others. Internet makes a word like global village.


Now it is easy to inform others about particular information. It is helpful for business. Now businessman receives or sends information by sitting at one place. There time is not wasted and they can save their time. Even they can check their bank accounts at one click. World is much progress. People also move towards better technology.


We not need to wait for days for information. Now people can travel by bus train cars plane and ship. It is easy for them to move to other cities even countries. Products can easily be transferred to market. Trade is possible due to transportation. Trade is done nationally and internationally through trucks ships and planes.


It also saves times which encourage more trade and movement from one place to another place. Both communication and transportation play vital role for a country. Country cannot progress without these. 

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