Importance of Renewable Energy In Homes

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In most homes only electric power is used, at times they face power failure and contacting the power companies to supply regular power. Same time, many power companies are not in a position to offer new power connection due to less power availability. This could be increased by the government program, but it needs heavy funds. Therefore, there would not be any increased energy is possible by any government unless there is a perfect infrastructure is available to produce more power, to supply power for all people in the city and village. Many people stay in rental home in the city, but buying own home only in urban area, where there is no power and after constructing home they are waiting for the power.

All these things could be avoided by installing solar panels which produces energy from solar, right now solar panels are expensive to buy and install, same time, when many people are buying panels naturally production would be increased and price of the solar panel could come down. Same time, once installation is finished power is generated until sunlight is available, even dull light as well works for the solar energy, therefore no need to fear about obtaining power after buying costly solar panels and for the installation charges.

Regular power from solar is easily possible if the person is buying batteries to save the power. Once battery is fully charged, it is enough for the next two days, this depends on the battery and brand of the battery and capacity of the battery, however, total power is free in many countries, in some countries they are charging only tax for producing power from solar however, this amount would be very less when it is compared with unit price of the electric power.

In many cases, a person is wrongly selecting the options when he applies for the power in that condition, that person is paying even for the poles installation, this is duty of the company to provide electric poles, even this problem is not with the above system, once an owner installs the solar panels that is his own and produced power is his own. This kind of renewable energy is not interrupting power because it could be generated every day.  As long as sunshine is there power is assured, sunlight is very dull and it is rainy means, less power is procured from the panels and still it is usable by the owner of the solar energy system. 

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