Importance of sense hearing in our life...

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All humans and animals have ear. Ear is a source if hearing. By our ears we can hear everything. This a great gift of Allah Almighty for us. We all take care of our ears.We try to keep them clean. We try to avoid to very loud sounds because these sounds can harm our sense of hearing. We continuously clean our ears to keep them working nicely.

These are usual cares that every body know about them.

Today I am sharing something very interesting and very unusual caring about your ears.

You never take care about your ears in this regards. In my point of view this disease is very dangerous  not only for our ears but also for our whole body.

If we come our this disease we save save our whole body.

Think ......

When we hear a bad news we began to cry, in some cases we experience heart attack.

Sometimes we hear good news and we became happy.

Sometimes we hears such words that make us angry.

Think again....

How these words we hear and how these words effect on us????

These words enter our body through our ears and effect differently. 

Good word make us happy, bad word make us angry and if some words hurts us we began to cry.

Our ears are the source of happiness and sadness in our lives.

The story does not ends here....

Now think about the effect of words that enters through our ears in our body , how will they effect our soul.

Our soul directly effected by the words that we hear just like our physical body. If we hear good things our soul will be healthy and we will think good. The words that we will hear will effect our internal soul. 

I will make my words easy for you through a simple example.

When a child open his eyes in this world. He is just like a plank paper. He do not know any thing about his surrounds.His first realization is his mother's touch. Then slowly slowly he learns every thing.

Now suppose if he/she hears his parents talking to each other in "Urdu" he will learn to speak in "Urdu" not "English". When he will grow up if he hears his parents politely he will also speak politely. If his parents will use harsh language he also use harsh language. He will also think accordingly.

If his parents uses harsh language and they want that his child should be polite , then this will not possible.

Because his ears always heard harsh words that installed in him now his output will also be harsh.

Now think if we hear bad words how our soul and body can be healthy.

If we hear  a song. For some time our heart feel good. But this feeling does not remain for long time. After some time we feel disturb and do not want to listen that thing again.

But if we hear Quran-e-pak our heart and soul became satisfied and we want to listen more and more. After sometime it became our habit and we can not live without this .

This the point of my discussion that our ears not only for listening. Our ears are the source of out soul satisfaction. 

We can not achieve our soul purification if our listenings are not pure.

Once our Holy Prophet Passed form a place where he can hear the sound of drum beating. He imigatily put his fingers in his ears. Why is does so???

If we hear some impure words we often say that we did not do this but if happened without our desire. This can be true. But a question arises if we listen this without our desire than what to avoid this???











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