Importance of sharing

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Sharing our blessings will always bring back more blessings .

Huwag nating kalimutan na ang pamamahagi ng ating biyaya at kayamanan sa ating mga kasama at pamayanan ay magbabalik pa ng higit pang pagpapala at biyaya .

Life itself teaches us that sharing our blessing always bring back more blessings . This is especially true when we do not expect anything in return for the goods that we do .


If life is really all about happiness , then we should learn the lesson by heart ....

You have not lived a perfect day , even though you have earned your money , unless you have done something for someone who will never be able to repay you .

I want to emphasize that we must always share part of our wealth  , whether it be in terms of money or talent or " genius " . 


Our quest to accumulate and build wealth will be meaningless if we cannot share it with others . 


We make a living by what we get , we make a life by what we give .



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