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The preparation of sodium carbonate is very essential for manufacturing of compounds. The given sample contains six grams of sodium carbonate dissolved in water. To determine the percentage purity of sample by using volumetric method. The basic principle is that, it is a neutralization reaction.

In which solution of sodium carbonate is weekly basic and can be titrated against the strong acid which may be hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid.  The procedure of determination of percentage purity of the sample by volumetric method, take to the glass tube out 10.0 centimeter cube of the given sodium carbonate solution in titration flask or conical flask and add one or two drops of methyl orange as an indicator.

When we add methyl orange in to the solution then the solution gives yellow color. Put this solution against the standard solution of hydrochloric acid taken in the glass tube until the end point the solution changes its color from yellow to orange.


Repeated  this procedure at least three to five times. This method is very beneficial in the field of chemistry. The acid base titration is a method for preparation of different compounds. This method is not only to find percentage purity of the given sample but also we can we find the amount of compound by volumetric method .

Titration is also very important for finding percentage purity of the given solution . There are some precautions which can be remember throughout the practical which is that always use distilled water throughout the practical and washed the apparatus with distilled water . It must be noted that take two to four readings from initial concentration to final concentration .

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