Importance of Time

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Time: Time is the most important resource of life .it is a naturally gift to humanity .in fact time is life. We must have time for every activity that we want to do it. There is the three types of input that all activity needs, material goods, skills and time. We need to work, to sleep, to eat and to complete successfully our all daily chores of living.

Especialities of time: Time is recognizable with some specialities of it that we must find it out and should deal with time in the light of these specialities.

1- Fastness of time: Time running as fast as wind. Whether it is time of happiness and joyfulness or time of sadness mournfulness. Time of sadness run more fast then time of happiness. 


2-Past time is not returnable and irreparable: it is one the more speciality of time. Every day is running out and every hour is expiring and every moment is passing. It is impossible to return it and it is also impossible to demurrage it.

All religion has paid attention to time especially Islam. Most of Qur’aanic verses point to the importance of time in life. In the beginning of many suurah (Chapter of Quran) Allah swears by the time. it shows importance of time and also the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:{ A man will asked concerning five things on judgment day: With respecting to his life, how he has spent it. about his youth, how he has grew it. about his wealth, from where he acquired it. and on what he spent it. and what he has done with the knowledge which he had}. Narrated: Abdullah bin Msuod.

Some people says the time is gold or time is money but it is more valuable then gold and money. Because we can keep and save them but we can not save the time. It is not in our control and also we can get more money but we can not get more time. So if time has these importance in our life we must pay attention to our time. And do not waste it. Espcially students should care full of their time. These days we see many youths and students do not cure of their time.


 We must have timetable to our time and to all works we want to do. Time must be organized according to clear timetable. And more important deeds must be done before then important works. It important to say we can learn more things from time that we can not learn it from any one else.

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