Importance of water

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The Water


Water is the basic need of human life. Our world contains one part of land and three parts of water.





In the shape of rivers, oceans, lakes and streams.


What is ocean?

The salt water that covers nearly three fourths of the surface of the earth. Such as

Pacific Ocean, Atlantic ocean, Indian Ocean, Southern ocean, Atlantic Ocean.






What is river?

A large natural flow of water that crosses area of land, and join the lake and oceans, it is smaller than ocean.






What is lake?

A pool of water, or the standing water smaller than river is called lake.




What is a stream?

A smaller flow of water is called stream.





 Natural resource.


Water is precious and natural resource .Water is vital to life.All living things depends on water, such as human, plants, and animal’s .

All living thing will die if there is no water. We use water for many works, drinking, bathing, cleaning, cooking, and growing and making many foods. The average of American uses 150 to 250 gallons of water daily. Water is also used in industries.





As the uses of water, and wastes of water is increasing day by day, the fact is water resources are being limited.





In the world Pakistan was among 17 countries that have facility of water. But now Pakistan is being among those countries there is lack of water. And according to the Americans estimation till 2025 Pakistan will include those countries where lack of water not only Pakistan, but all the undeveloped countries will have same situation.

So save water save life,

Save country and save the world.



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