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Significance of 7:

There are

7 manzilz in Quran

7 Skies in Universe

7 Days in a week

7 Rags’ in music

7 Colours in rainbow

7 Continents in world


Do You Know?

The city of 7 mountains in Rome

The city of silent looks is Veince

They City of markets is Cairo

The city of sky high buildings is New York

The city of minars is Lahore

The city of temples is Banaras

The city of mosques is Dhaka

The city of industries is Faisalabad

The city of graves is Ahmadabad

The City of fragrances is Paris

The city of barons is Ahmadabad Deccan

The city of winds is Chicago

The city of pearls is Bahreen

The city of Shaheen’s is Sargodha

The city of wristlets is Gujranwala.


Some Myths about Birthdays:

Born on Monday

Fair in Face


Born on Tuesday

Full of God’s grace


Born on Wednesday

Sour and Sad


Born on Thursday

Mercy and Glad


Born on Friday

Worthily Gives


Born on Saturday

Work hard for living

Born on Sunday

Wait all his life



When someone tries to get happiness one should have the knowledge of bitter sorrows. Because Happiness is a message that makes us understand that a sorrow will come after it.

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