Importnace of Colours in Universe

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All things Bright and beautiful, All creatures great and small, Everything has its colour,

Almighty allah made them all.

Red! Blue! Green! especially every children attracted towards colors because the colors are pieces of attraction.

Colors make the things more beautiful. All the things are recognized by their colors.

Mixing Of Colors:

We can get new colors by mixing different colors.

We mix white and black color to get grey color.

we mix yellow and red colors to orange color.

we mix red and green colors to yellow color.

we mix blue, red and green colors to white color.


Mixed colors look more beautiful. Sometimes we can't express the mixed colors exactly and call them light or dark colors.

Rainbow appears after rain. It displays beautiful colors. It has seven colours:


1) Violet

2) indigo

3) blue

4) green

5) yellow

6) orange

7) red

Allah has created the gardens, meadows, sunrise and sunset. These scenes look beautiful because of their colors.

Colors in womens life:

All the Young girls have their own color choice. one girl like to wear red dress while other wish to wear black color dress.

Girls are looking very pretty and beautiful in colorful dresses. all the parties and other ceremonies are very joyous with different colors. in simple words the color has its own importance.

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