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OMG! Hillary commented on my blog

(Image Source: - Hillary's avatar)

Homaygash!!! (that expression is actually an exaggerated version of OMG!) When I opened my notifications, I was surprised to see Hillary's name on my notification list. In my more than two years of being a member, this is the first time that I saw her name on that list and it says there that she has commented on one my blogs - the one that she recently reviewed which is My bitLanders Journey to Reach Rank 1

At first, I was ecstatic, but a few seconds after, I felt a little nervous. "Maybe I did something wrong" I told myself. "Did it contained a violation?" I thought further. Anyway, slightly nervous, I checked out my blog to see what Hillary wrote.

"Thank goodness" I exclaimed with relief. There was nothing wrong my blog. Hillary simply requested that I post a photo of my avatar wearing the tiara :) Since I'm a nice guy, I'll be glad to do it.

By the way, to those who are not aware, Hillary is the one who reviews submitted content and also one of the chatbots in the Survey Chat.


An Inspired Impromptu

By the way, before moving on, some readers might be wondering what's up with this post's title. By definition, impromptu refers to do something at the whim of the moment. I already have three blogs lined up, but after seeing and reading Hillary's comment, I was motivated to write this post.

Below are the screenshots of Hillary's name on my notification list and her comment on my recently reviewed blog:



 (Image Source: - both screenshots are taken and edited by jikZ)

Anyway, without further ado, let's proceed with this blog's focus points.


Tiara equipped on a Male Avatar

As requested, here are some photos of my avatar sporting the tiaras. Please also note that on one of my previously published blog (Want to Increase Buzz Score? Buy the Tiara!), I mentioned there that the tiaras cannot be equipped by male avatars. However, as can be seen with the below photos, this was already changed by the team.

(Image Source: - screenshot of my inventory or what I like to refer as bit-closet)
The two encircled items on the right are the two different types of Tiaras


(Image Source: two photos above are my avatar equipped with the Tiaras. Also included outfits offered that provides various buzz bonuses)


The Importance and Relevance of the Tiara regarding gender orientation

Now that you have already seen a male avatar equipped with a female accessory, do you realize its substantial impact?

Before answering that question, let me first say that I am straight (I better get that out in the open in case some readers are thinking otherwise).

What I'm trying to point out is that it's nice that the team has allowed this change. In this modern world, the LGBT community has gone a long way in fighting for their acceptance and for other people to understand their way of life. What they fought for and what is happening in the real world should also be considered in the digital / cyberspace.


Question and Answer Portion

At this section of the blog, I'll try to address any possible questions that readers probably had while reading this blog

1. What is the importance of the tiara aside from the ones mentioned above?

One tiara gives a buzz bonus of +30 for the next 180 days. Since I have two, I am guaranteed a buzz bonus of +60 until the end of the year

2. Where can one buy the tiara?

Unfortunately, these accessories are no longer available. Its limited offer expired sometime last June.

3. What other items are similar to the tiaras?

There are other goodies in the site's shop ( that offers buzz bonuses. Some are different from the others so be sure to read the description before purchasing.

Below are sample items that gives out buzz bonuses:

(Image Source: photos can be found on bitLanders shop)


4. Why do you have many slots in your inventory?

This is because I have upgraded it to accommodate my different bitLanders clothes (there was a time that I even had a Santa suit and an awesome red balloon). Also, increasing the count of your inventory only cost 5 gems.

5. Why and how did you have so much gems?

Its because I bought a bunch of gems when I purchased the tiara. As far as I can remember, one tiara cost 500 gems.

6. Are there any ways to earn gems?

As of the moment, I don't think there are any quests or methods to earn gems. It can only be acquired through purchase.

7. Can you give us tips on how to also reach the number 1 spot on the leaderboard?

Hardwork, submit meaningful and useful content (blogs, videos, photo galleries), and learn from the other members. Good role models can be found on the leaderboard. Look at their style of writing, the topics that they choose, and how they present their content.

8. Is Hillary the only staff member that has commented on any of your blogs?

Nope. Although this is the first time that Hillary commented on my blog, another staff (LrY) has also commented on one of my blogs.

This is the post: bitLanders should be Fun and Rewarding and LrY's is one of the first commenters of the post.

9. Is Hillary a bot or a real person?

My best guess is that she's a real person since her comment on my blog has a smiley emoticon. I'm pretty sure machines / robots don't have any emotions.

10. How to earn more?

The site offers different channels for a member to earn. Personally, I would suggest participating in the Survey Chat, hunt for treasure boxes and those videos that gives out 100 bitMiles, and of course try to get a high buzz score.


(Image Source: Personal - created by jikZ)

Well, that's just about it. I hope you had fun and learned something from this blog. Remember to always have fun when using the site. And if you need any help with any aspects or features, always remember that there are many members and staff willing to help.


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