Improve Your BuzzScore By Getting New Subscribers

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On bitLanders, your BuzzScore is what determines your influence. A higher BuzzScore also means higher revenues! You know you can improve it by uploading more quality content and sharing it on social media.

We believe that your subscribers show how influential you are and that's why your number of subscribers already weighs in. To encourage you to continue building a community around you and your content, we're introducing today a new feature that gives you extra points in your BuzzScore when a user subscribes to you. You will keep the extra points for one "buzz day," until the system updates your BuzzScore again.

You will receive a notification every time you get an extra point, and see at the top right of the homepage a "plus" symbol next to your BuzzScore.

It's time to bring more users to your profile and "power up" your BuzzScore and revenues! Rise to the highest BuzzScore and be the star of BitLanders! More bonus points features to come soon!


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