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1. Make yourself marketable

Nothing makes you more appealing in the career world than having additional skills. You hear people talk about finding those rare “unicorn” employees. Those are people who have skills that go beyond their job role but can be very helpful in doing other tasks. The more you know, the more you are able to market yourself and the more appealing you become to an employer.

2. Ability to earn more

When you have more skills to market, you can also start to ask for more. It makes sense – someone who can do more should be more highly compensated than someone who only can do one skill. Don’t think that asking for more will make you less appealing to employers. In fact, employers are often happy to pay more to one person than much more to have more than one person do the same amount of work. You should always be compensated what you’re worth – and with more knowledge, you’re worth more!

3. Find your true passions

What if you had a passion for pottery but because you never tried it out, you missed out on your true calling? That may be a bit extreme for most cases, but it’s true that if you never try something out, you never know how much you might enjoy it. Furthering your education in a variety of different things allows you to take different fields for a test drive. And you never know, you may just find your passion somewhere along the road.

4. Make new connections

It’s simple – the more you do and put yourself out there, the more connections you will be able to make. Likewise, the alternative is true – the more you sit back and let time pass by, the less you’ll make. Much of our life rides on the connections that we are able to make so don’t be afraid to express yourself and put yourself out there. You might meet some really amazing people.

5. Personal fulfillment

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess that if you’re reading this blog in the first place that you’re the kind of person who is always looking for some way to improve upon your current self. When you continue to learn, you continue to grow. Sure, this has many benefits but perhaps most important of those is the own sense of fulfillment that you can gain. When you are happy and confident with yourself, that shines and makes you into an even brighter individual. Who can resist someone that really shines?

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