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He is my hero.

Stop all sports , the role of a captain is the most important and effective in the game of cricket , no doubt. Do not design a strategy to leave the field around the entire game script will turn on the computer , but must ensure that the domain strategy is implemented as planned.

No chance in the world of cricket is bigger than the World Cup and all the captains who have lifted the ultimate prize in Gi Clive Lloyd and his team of brilliant players and hitting impressive skills that led the West Indies cricket team and won the trophy for the Cup World of 1975 and 1979. Glasses , but he had a serious look , helped many to be one of the most prolific batsmen in the middle order 's time .. The third edition was no way seasoned cricket team in India as winning captain Kapil Dev . All tournament has increased the level of their game when needed and was then one of the main contributors to the victory of India in 1983. Allan Border always enjoyed respect not only among members of his team , but the entire cricket fraternity for his leadership skills racing game flawless and powerful . Consistent performance and his team with a good tactical leadership means that the Australian cricket team was winning the Cricket World Cup 1987.

It was a regular debate among experts is the greatest master of the game has seen , and to review the ground to Imran Khan often . Inspiration came back from a back injury and retired after the 1987 WC , Imran Khan led a group of wounded tigers and outstanding leadership helped the team raise Pakistan Cricket World Cup 1992. 1996 was a great revelation and a surprise as the lowest in the world of cricket and force the Sri Lankan cricket team , who ran with the best grades under the strong leadership of Arjuna Ranatunga relaxed guaranteed that he threw his wicket cheaply . Ranatunga ensured that his team, who have always been considered as game dogs like true champions and win the tournament , with great success.

Steve Waugh has always been a good solid hitter , but the smoothness and charisma of a leader. However, it was found that all wrong, and the World Cup in 1999, his unorthodox style master and hopefully proved to be the turning point of the Australian cricket team has won the World Cup trophy after 12 years to overthrow the team Pakistan cricket , the tournament favorites . Steve Waugh spent his inheritance of Ricky Ponting , who turned out to be one of the best players in the world and was unanimously elected to take the reins retirement Waugh . Under his leadership, Australia has won the last two editions of the World Cup and these two awards were well -deserved , as Australians seem threatening atmosphere everywhere. Ponting is probably the only player in World Cup cricket with a phenomenal record that appeared in the last four editions that have participated in.

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